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R&D center

        It is always Fengherili Electric Co., LTD’s aims that continuous innovate, improve the reliability and develop the products that meet customer’s requirements. The company established her own technology research and development center since she was established, and she is very attentive to developing trends in technology of various relevant products, and she is assimilating, importing and developing these new technology, and she continuously improve technological level and manufacturing capabilities.

        The company utilizes own self-developed software for Self-developed software for electromagnetic design
electromagnetic design, the projects will be computed and optimized after the designers input essential data, the schematic design not only meet customers’ requirements, but also reduce the cost of products, the software can efficiently and accurately compute schematic designs. The company imported famous 3D design software for mechanical design. The advanced software not only structure model and assemble parts, but also verify the assembly of objects and collaborative design on networks. The software can automatically produce 2D shop drawings. These software effectively shortens the development period while assure the quality and efficiency of the designs.




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